our services

Our Services include but are not limited to Business Automation, Marketing, Design, and Web Development. We also train graduates to utilise in-demand softwares within each of our service offerings.

GrabAGrad Application Portfolio Overview - November 2022

Business Automation

Our primary offering. We use technology to automate your complex business processes, transforming the way your business functions thereby improving your products and services while minimising cost. 

We use a variety of powerful software solutions to provide our client with exactly what they need for their business.

We conceptualise and implement logical business flows that increase productivity and efficiency.

Integration with any type of database, social media, web development software and more to streamline and simplify your daily processes.

As a standard, we aim to automate at least 50% of your business processes, eliminating human error, and ensuring you stay on top of things by having real-time access to data and analysis of your processes.

Business Automation is relatively new in Africa.  Our disruptive solutions are grounded in this context. Transforming your business means giving yourself a competitive edge. 


Our marketing services will make your product or services stand above your competitors. We specialise in ambitious brand campaigns through a variety of advertising mediums.

Our corporate branding strategy covers all aspects of your business, ensuring your image reflects you and your consumer market.

We use technology and data such as powerful Sentiment Analysis to build a hyper-personalised image that mirrors the needs, wants, and emotions of your customer-base.

Our services ensure your firm’s assets, brand, and management help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

We use SEM to drive traffic to your website and social media pages, increasing your visibility when consumers are looking for you.

We produce content that is specifically geared towards your customers and is an accurate representation of your brand, and in a manner that grabs the user’s attention.


Our design services are future-oriented, ensuring that your company is prepared for an ever-changing future. We help you with strategic, operational and business development.

Our logo designs reflect your firm’s identity and values while making sure they are up to the standards of your industry.

We develop clean and responsive user interface systems for an optimised client experience.

Our design solutions merge traditional goal-oriented strategy with the problem-solving principles of design thinking to create an all-inclusive package for you.

Our design solutions aim to centre the people behind the product, aiming not just to react to what consumers say they want, but to provide what they need.

We generate SEO reports for clients and fully optimise their content to align with search engine algorithms, making our clients more visible than ever.

Web Development

We develop websites for personal and commercial application. We custom build each website according to our client’s needs and specifications, always making sure they are SEO-compliant.

We build SEO-compliant websites for personal or commercial use.

We build attractive e-commerce stores for small or large businesses that allow ease-of-access with transactions.

We build our websites to be fully SEO-compliant, working with our clientsto develop customer-targeting words and phrases.

Our websites integrate with powerful business automation software and all social media platforms.  

From the moment your website is launched, we ensure that you and your staff are able to understand how it works and be able to make minor edits. Moreover, we will provide direct support where needed.


We offer training to graduates from all higher education institutions, turning their theoretical knowledge into real-world application in the digital consulting space.

We employ graduates of all kinds of backgrounds and specialisations.

Our core team trains them in in-demand software and services that are relevant both now and for the foreseeable future.

Our training has them working on real challenges that uses their problem-solving skills to develop real and practical solutions.

We leverage graduates’ experience in higher education institutions and direct it towards developing skills of the future.

Graduates train with us for a brief period. At the end of this period some join our core team, and undertake a continuous process of learning and upskilling. Those who do not join the team receive a certificate on top of the skills needed to confidently enter the job market.