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Most frequent questions and answers

No, Grab A Grad provides training to graduates so that they may have the skills to enter the job market, or join our team.

Yes, you have to have either a degree or a diploma to qualify for training. However, you do not need to be an IT graduate.

We offer customised solutions tailored specifically to your business. Therefore, any client interested in our services needs to get in touch with us.

The use of licences will depend entirely on your specifications, with higher end services and software likely requiring licences. However, startup or lower end services may not require them.

No, while our brief initial training period is unpaid, graduates who join our core team are paid far above industry standards when we are working on a project.

For interns and permanent members of staff, we have a contactless form they fill in before entering the office. Inside, the staff practices social distancing measures and keep masks on.